ColorDrive diode driver


After months of development we are proud to introduce a new generation of laser diode drivers. ColorDrive stands for high end power electronics and accurate laser diode control.

An integrated DCDC converter allows various input voltages. With 5A maximum current for each driver channel, even large laser diode setups are within the control range of the ColorDrive. Modulation is designed to be differential, but of course compatible with single ended signals.

Probably the most significant achievement is the modulation bandwdith of over 1MHz (-3dB) and a rise time of 580ns and a fall time of 360ns.

Of course, a TEC driver as well as a standby lasing suppression and an enable input function are included.

ColorDrive is now available in 1ch, 2ch and 3ch version.

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Further information, as well as a respective data sheet can be found in the product section: ColorDrive product page