Laser diode selection service


LIVE Lasersystems is starting a new service. We are offering a laser diode selection (by wavelength) service.

The wavelength of  laser diodes vary within every product series up to 10-20nm. Vertain applications require specific wavelengths with no tolerance.

Our measurement equipment allows us to select laser diodes by wavelength. We would be happy to offer you our special service on request. If you are in need of a vertain wavelength, please don't hesitate contacting us (via e-mail or phone).

Our stock diodes are currently:

  • GH0631IA2G (Sharp SM 185mW 638nm)
  • HL63133DG (Ushio SM 170mW 638nm)
  • HL63193DG (Ushio MM 700mW 638nm)
  • ML101U29 (Mitsubishi SM 150mW 660nm)
  • PLP-520-B1 (Osram MM 120mW 520nm)
  • PLT5-520 (Osram SM 50mW 520nm)
  • NDG4216 (Nichia SM 80mW 515nm)
  • PLT5-450B (Osram SM 80mW 450nm)
  • PL-450B (Osram SM 80mW 450nm)
  • NDB7A75 (Nichia MM 3,5W 448nm)
  • NDB7875 (Nichia MM 1,6W 445nm)

For more information on the specifications of each type, please have a look at the respective product page: Click!