Netlase Trussmount Box

The Netlase Trussmount Box has been a very important tool for LIVE Lasersystems for years (actually since the beginning of LIVE Lasersystems as it always strived to make lasershow control more digital).


With a compatibility to serveral common known laser show software, the Netlase can be seen as a versatile and most importantly non-proprietary interface for show laser applications.

With the Netlase Trussmount Box by LIVE Lasersystems, you will get access to the best features of the Netlase. This way you will experience a unique way to control your laser.

You can choose either if you use your Netlase Trussmount Box as direkt DAC together with a laser show software, or use it stand-alone via DMX or Art-Net.

In fact the Netlase offers an Art-Net node by default, but our experience with it is that it's not as simple to use as it could be. This led us to integrate an external Art-Net node (Enttec ODE) into the Netlase Trussmount Box (there is a switch which let you choose between Art-Net or direct DMX). In Art-Net mode, the DMX output acts as an output for a whole DMX universe received by the Enttec ODE. This way the Netlase Trussmount Box offers you a complete DMX line right next to your laser. Of course, the whole DMX/Art-Net part is optically isolated to the DAC part and therefore also your laser.


Description Network DAC interface with extensive stand-alone capabilities
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Inputs Powercon In, DMX In (choice of 3 or 5 pin XLR), Art-Net In, Config. In (for direct comunication between laser show software or Netlase configuration)
Outputs 2x ILDA (bridged), DMX Out (choice of 3 or 5 pin XLR, acts as DMX Out in Art-Net mode too)
DMX/Art-Net Native DMX of Netlase, Art-Net via integrated Enttec ODE, optically isolated against DAC
Mounting Quick Trigger-Clamp incl. safety rope eye
Dimensions (L x W x H) 250mm x 105mm x 250mm (without clamp and safety rope eye)
Weight approx. 3kg