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ColorDRIVE one Breakout PCB
Adapter PCB with output connector or solder pads and a ColorDRIVE one connector for use with ColorDRIVE one.
With dedicated LED for emission status indication.

Comes with:
- 15cm flat ribbon cable
- ferrules (Connector version)
Connector in
14pin ColorDRIVE one connector
2pin header for enable
Connector outConnector version:
1x 8pin Screw Cage Clamp Connector
Solder version:
8 solder pads/pin-header holes
Mounting4x M3 screws
Dimensions44mm x 28mm
Article in Shop
Diode/TEC Drivers
Breakout adapter PCB with screw cage clamp connector or solder pads/pin-header holes for ColorDRIVE one.
12,00 €(MwSt. excl.)
Compatible Accessories
Diode/TEC Drivers
High performance diode driver with or without integrated TEC driver.
55,50 €(MwSt. excl.)
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