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Sparrow Double Base Plate
Base plate to mount up to two Sparrow modules (with or without TEC) together with their driver on a bread board.
The base plate is compatible with any any common metric (25mm M6) bread board.

Please read our Sparrow Mounting Guide.
If you want us to mount your ordered Sparrow module/s to the base plate, please select the appropriate option when adding to the cart.
If you order several Sparrow modules, please leave a comment when ordering, which module/s you want to be mounted.
The mounting service includes an extra flat ribbon cable with the perfect length between the driver and the module's back PCB.

If you want to combine the beams of two modules, please make sure to add two mirror mounts and the needed dichroic filters/polarized beam splitter from our optics section.

Please note: The double base plate doesn't come with any further parts necessary to assemble a complete Sparrow module.

Comes with:
- 4x M6x12 (hex drive)
Aluminium, uncoated
120mm x 107mm x 10mm
4x slots for M6 screws
Article in Shop
Sparrow Accessories
Base plate for carrying two Sparrow modules as well as two ColorDRIVE ones.
70,00 €(MwSt. excl.)
Compatible Accessories
Solid mirror mount with X&Y adjustment.
15,00 €(MwSt. excl.)
Diode/TEC Drivers
High performance diode driver with or without integrated TEC driver.
55,50 €(MwSt. excl.)
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