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Video beamer or laser projector?
Let's set the records straight. A video beamer can project more details than a laser projector. But when it comes to brightness, projection distance, crisp illustration, and affordability, there is nothing like a laser projector.
Most of the time, especially when it comes to large scale projections, minor projection details are not important anyway. You want to send out a clear message, brand your building with sponsor logos, or tell a story with easy to recognize animations.
What display detail is possible?
A laser projector draws the image so fast that it seems it is a steady picture. The more details you want, the more path needs to be drawn. There are, of course, physical limits. Those limits are hard to understand for inexperienced people. That's where we start to take care of. We have years of experience in laser image projection. We know if one laser can handle your desired projection, or we need more and let them work together. We don't like flickering or distorted projections, and neither should you.
Let us determine what technical equipment your ideas require!
Projections during daylight?
The sun is still brighter than lasers, but yes, we can project outdoors when it's still bright outside.
High powered lasers paired with smart laser design and high-performance scanning technology make it possible. We make it possible.
Showcase: World Aids Day
Stand-alone, remote content management?
Can a laser projection work stand-alone (with no one on-site)? There is no simple answer for this from a legal point of view, as it depends on several factors - but from a technical point of view: definitely YES. You are most probably wondering if it is also possible to change the projection content without having someone come with a ladder, a cable, and a laptop every time. Nowadays, we can handle this differently. We can offer a service plan that doesn't require us even to visit the laser on site - and the result is 100% the same as if we would have come in person. Magical, isn't it? :)
Projection mapping with lasers
Projection mappings are widely famous these days. It takes a little bit more than just drawing contours of buildings to stand out. Most of our clients are looking for something they have never seen before. A very challenging task, but we do our best. Together with the client's vision and our technical know-how and a network of designers, we create something one of a kind that earns us word-of-mouth-recommendation - our favorite type of recommendation. :)
Story telling and emotions
Creating emotions is what lasers are all about. Lasers can lead or extend your immersive experience. Let's start with a storyboard, add and mix different media types and build something wonderful. It's not just about the glint in the eye of a child. It's also about you. LIVE Lasersystems has successfully told several stories with the help of lasers - let us have your story be the next!

Let's talk about it. We are just one call/e-mail away: +43 (0) 1 944 2883 or
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