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Use KORE lasers at your show
If you are a laser professional yourself, we would love to serve you with our lasers and respective accessories. You can expect every laser to be perfectly aligned when renting from us. That's one of the many benefits when you hire from the manufacturer directly. Furthermore, we can assist you with any information you need to register at your local authorities.
Lasers and much more
You are wondering what we can serve with? We have a wide range of laser-related gear alongside our KORE, of course.
Here is a short list what you can expect: KORE lasers, Pangolin control gear, LA Sollinger control equipment, Netlases with Dynamics software license dongles, Hazebase fog machines and hazers, fans, fog fluid with different characteristics, network/interlock/DMX/power cables, e-stops, network switches, masking plates, rain covers,...
That was just a brief glimpse, you better tell us what you need, and we make sure you get everything in the right amount and time!
Shipping thoughout Europe
Together with our shipping partners, we deliver our gear safe and on time. We serve all countries within the European Union and most other European countries (other countries outside Europe on request). You are in a hurry and need the equipment already tomorrow? No problem, we also offer express shipping. Most states can be served over-night.
How many lasers may it be?
LIVE Lasersystems always has a certain amount of laser projectors on the rental stock. If you need more than we can serve from our inventory, we are happy to supply lasers from KORE customers that take part in our sub-rental-program. That means you have access to an even more significant amount of laser fixtures, still coming from a single source, all having the same technical specs and characteristics. No mixing of different brand lasers necessary!
How does the rental work?
We want to keep everything as transparent and straightforward as possible. You pay for each day of use, not the time the equipment is shipped.
Do you need more information, like pricing or payment conditions? Of course, you do. We think this should be clarified for each rental individually - prices vary depending on the length of rental and amount of equipment.
Call us now, or send an e-mail. We will answer within a short time and can also supply a price list (for rough calculations in advance).

We are just one call/e-mail away: +43 (0) 1 944 2883 or
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