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Opening Vienna Central Station
On 10th of October 2014 at 10am Vienna's Central Station opened to the public. The ceremony lasted two days. During these 2 days several performances and acts kept the audience entertained. As a highlight LIVE Lasersystems featured an outstanding lasershow after a performance by Belgian musician Milow.
Within a short time a team of 1x show designer, 2x 3D graphics designer and a software engineer created a one of a kind lasershow in terms of attention to detail, uniqueness and symbiosis with music. An especially developed storyboard tells about a train travelling through small towns, passing railroad crossings and traffic influenced highways. It passes tunnels, bridges and finally arrives at the all new central station with it's unique diamont-shaped roof. All the laser animations were done using faithful 3d recreations together with dynamic camera movements and fast scene changes matching the dramaturgy of music. The whole projection area had a size of 37m x 3.5m and could also be projected by extreme angles thanks to our experienced technicians and a highly sophisticated geometric correction.
A further creative and technical highlight was the custom laser mapping onto the lettering "Wien Hauptbahnhof" (meaning "Vienna Central Station") and the face of the huge new station-clock. Matching the music, each letter/detail could be illuminated seperately.
A group of 5x Ghost 4.5 accompanied the graphic projections and the mapping with a beam show in perfectly spread fog.
LIVE Lasersystems was also responible for the fog management and used again reliable fog machines of its great rental stock of fog/haze machines by haze°base.
The client, the Austrian Railways (ÖBB) was very satisfied with the service by LIVE Lasersystems and thanked us for the graceful "laser-opening" of the all new Central Station of Vienna.

Date: 10.10.2014
Location: Central Station, Vienna
Service: custom beam-&graphics show, laser mapping, storyboard development, 3D laser animations, fog management
Equipment: 3x 25W RYGCB, 5x Ghost 4.5, 4x base°classic
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